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Medical Plastic Molding

Medical Plastic Molding

Functional Properties:

• Reduce friction with ultralow coefficient of friction (µ= 0.030), providing efficient mold release
• Precision film (0.5 microns maximum) does not change mold dimensions or tolerances and enables pre-design specification or correcting after-design issues (e.g. flow, mold release, wear, etc)
• High temperature stability (up to +538C) ensures stability in molding process
• Biocompatible
• Compatible with all metallic substrates and suitable as co-deposit with other coatings (e.g. Ni, CrN, etc)

Medical Specific Testing:

• ISO-10993-5 for Biocompatibility
• ISO-13402 and ASTM F-1089 for Sterilization of Surgical Hand Instruments
• Gamma Ray stability for Sterilization
• ASTM F-945 for Titanium Stress Corrosion
• ASTM E-595 for Vacuum Stability/Outgassing
• FDA Masterfile to support FDA Device Approval
• Additional testing upon request

Example Applications:

• Release agent for syringe molding enabling shallower draft, faster cycle time and reduced scrap
• Guide, bushing and linear motion component lubrication for cleanroom level medical plastic molding equipment eliminating grease and providing longer life and reduced maintenance
• Ejector pin lubrication to reduce breakage and wear, enabling higher production rates at lower cost
• Mold flow enhancement to reduce filling pressure and provide for precision device molding with small and/or complex geometries
• Sliding mold insert lubrication enabling reduced wear and maintenance costs

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