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  • Overview
  • Aviation
  • Space
  • Plastics
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Automotive
  • Mechanical
  • Semiconductor
  • Vacuum Environments


Key to Dicronite dry lubrication’s wide range of applications are its:

  • Ultra-low coefficient of friction (u=0.030)
  • Precision film thickness of 0.5 microns maximum (0.000020 inches)
  • Wide functional temperature span – 188C to +538C (up to +1316C in vacuum)
  • Near ambient temperature (max 35C) application process

Based on these key values, Dicronite dry lubrication is proven world-wide for:

  • Friction and wear reduction
  • Anti-seize / anti-galling / anti-fretting
  • Plastic mold release and flow enhancement
  • Co-lubrication enhancement in combination with oils and greases
  • Co-deposit with Ni, Cr, Ti and many other coatings
  • In place of conventional lubricants in high-vacuum/temperature situations


Dicronite dry lubrication is valued by the aviation industry for its ultra-low friction (u=0.030), precision tolerances (maximum 0.5 micron thickness) and wide temperature range (-188C to +538C), as well as its low temperature application process that does not affect the more exotic metals used in cutting-edge defense applications. Meets AMS2530 and DOD-L-85645A specifications. AS9100 certified and NADCAP accredited. Companies including Boeing, EADS, General Dynamics and Parker Hannifin use Dicronite dry lubrication for:

  • Hydraulic valve and connector lubrication
  • Anti-galling/anti-seize protection for connectors, fasteners and rivets
  • Flanges and couplings in fueling systems

‘Space’ sub-section

Dicronite dry lubrication’s extreme temperature range (-188C to +1316 in 10-14 torr vacuum), extremely low outgassing (10x or more below ASTM E595 criteria), precision tolerance (maximum 0.5 micron thickness) and radiation stability are key to its wide use in space. Meets AMS2530 and DOD-L-85645A specifications. AS9100 certified and NADCAP accredited. Companies and organizations including NASA, Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin and the Max Planck Institute use Dicronite dry lubrication for:

  • Instrument deployment device lubrication on the Mars Explorer Rover
  • Precision roller bearings in satellites
  • Linear and rotational cryogenic actuators in infrared detectors


Dicronite dry lubrication’s proven ability to increase flow and speed-up release, resulting from its high lubricity (u=0.030) and precision tolerance (0.5 microns max.), coupled with low application temperature, high temperature stability and non flaking properties, make it the plastics industries key dry lubrication technology. ISO-10993 biocompatible for medical plastic molding. Companies including GE Plastics, Tyco, Bemis, Hayward Industries Plastics, and Univac use Dicronite dry lubrication for:

  • Reducing reject rates for low draft or undercut parts such as caps and closures
  • Reducing cycle times due to improved release
  • Increasing uptime due to less wear on pins, bushings and mold surfaces
  • As a co-deposit to improve the performance of TiN, CrN, CrC, and other surface treatments


With its compliance to ISO-10993 biocompatibility and USP Class 6 standards, and resistance to aggressive sterilization procedures including autoclave and gamma radiation, Dicronite dry lubrication provides reliable, proven performance for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Meets AMS250 and DOD-L-85645A specifications. AS9100 certified, NADCAP accredited, and ISO-13485 compliant. Widely used for medical plastic molding applications. Companies including W.L. Gore, Medtronic, BD, Unilever and Novo Nordisk use Dicronite dry lubrication for:

  • Producing sophisticated precision molded drug delivery devices
  • Increasing production line throughput by reducing container sticking in sorting and filling equipment
  • Decreasing friction in endosurgery tools and insertion devices
  • Eliminating galling and binding during precision assembly of tight tolerance devices
  • Lubricating valves, fluid pump components and threaded connectors to reduce friction and wear


Dicronite dry lubrication’s biocompatibility per ISO-10993, FDA repeat use and USDA incidental contact approvals have lead to its use in the food processing industry. Due to it’s high temperature stability (+538C), Dicronite dry lubrication is commonly used in oven and baking related applications. Companies including American Can and General Mills reply on Dicronite dry lubrication for:

  • Seaming and forming equipment to minimize wear and increase preventative maintenance intervals
  • Food packaging equipment to minimize equipment jams and increase production rates


Dicronite dry lubrication is valued by the automotive industry for its ultra-low friction (u=0.030), precision tolerances (maximum 0.5 micron thickness) and wide temperature range (-188C to +538C). Meets AMS2530 and DOD-L-85645A specifications. ISO-AS9100 certified and NADCAP accredited. As a result, Dicronite is used to reduce friction and heat and increase performance in a broad range of automotive applications. Companies including Ford, Delphi and Eaton, as well as Eco-Team FH-Trier and several F-1 teams use Dicronite dry lubrication for:

  • Gears
  • Valves
  • Camshafts and Crankshafts
  • Bearings
  • Drivetrain components


Dicronite dry lubrication is used by the mechanical equipment industry for mechanical applications where reducing friction and heat and improving performance are critical. Vacuum stable, radiation stable, Liquid (LOX) and gaseous oxygen compatible, Dicronite dry lubrication is widely used as a primary lubricant or co-lubricant. Companies including Timken, New Hampshire Ball Bearing, Halliburton and Tyco use Dicronite dry lubrication for:

  • Rotating and linear bearings (steel and ceramic)
  • Gears and rotating pump components
  • Fasteners for anti-seize and torque reduction


With its precise lubrication tolerances, superior performance under vacuum conditions, temperature stability, and strong adhesion (non-contaminating), Dicronite dry lubrication is valued for its ability to meet the stringent performance requirements of the semiconductor equipment industry. Companies including Applied Materials, Novellus, Parker Hannifin, and RJM Semiconductor use Dicronite dry lubrication for:

  • Linear bearings
  • Micro-gears
  • Vacuum pump equipment
  • Fasteners


Widely used for its high performance under vacuum conditions (ultra-low outgassing per ASTM E595), wide temperature range (cryogenic to +1316 at 10-14 torr) and precision thickness (0.5 micron maximum), Dicronite is the vacuum equipment industry’s top dry lubrication technology. Meets AMS2530 and DOD-L-85645A specifications. ISO-AS9100 certified and NADCAP accredited. Companies including NASA, General Dynamics and Lockheed rely on Dicronite dry lubrication for:

  • Vacuum pump bearing lubrication
  • Linear and rotational motion devices in satellites and space vehicles
  • Rivets and connectors in space vehicles
  • Actuators and valves
  • Lubricating and reducing fretting of titanium, stainless steel and aluminum components in electron microscope
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